XVth MEDIEVAL FAIR IN OROPESA APRIL 4-6th - La Casa del Holandés - Extremadura


It’s worth the effort to try to experience it. We’ve recompiled a list of recommendations for your benefit.

-For your relaxation, you can sleep here.
-Some spending money should be reserved. 20€ should be sufficient for food (nearly everything costs around 3€; crêpes, sandwiches, drinks…). Don’t intent to eat in a restaurant, they’ll be filled to the nook. Buy some sweets, cheeses, sausages, handicraft… Enjoy the ambience and medieval spirit of Oropesa.
-The fair lasts the whole weekend, so there’s no need to be stressed about it. You can go on Saturday, or on the return trip, on Sunday.
-We still have all the walking tours and gorges for relaxation and at La Casa del Holandés, we’re ready to care for you. When work permits it, outside lunch and dinner services, we try to make time. We hope to SEE YOU!

XV Medieval Fair

Oropesa is located about 40 minutes by car from Madrigal de la Vera, taking the CM5152 road. Each year in April, they celebrate the fact that Alfonso XI gave the town the city rights by royal privilege. The town dresses up in medieval style clothing. The number of visitors, around 40.000 last year, is still rising. The marvelous artisan fair is worth a special mention as it’s distributed through the old centre’s streets and squares. There are stalls with ceramics, woodwork, textile work, etc. Mixed in are food stalls, vending all kinds of different types of food. Music, archery tournaments, theatre…

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Once upon a time, I studied Cognitive Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht. Now, I'm cooking at La Casa del Holandés in Madrigal de la Vera, Extremadura. Before that, I worked for Capgemini Spain in Madrid, for different customers. Both on-site and from the office. Coming to Extremadura was a big change, but driven by the need for green. This shire is splendidly doted with trees, fields, gorges, mountains and rivers.