Route description - La Casa del Holandés - Extremadura

Route description

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From Barajas Airport (Madrid)

  • Take the highway to Madrid (any highway indicated will do).
  • Look for the M30 signs.
  • Take the M30 towards A3 – Valencia, A4 – Córdoba, A5 – Badajoz.*
    The M30 is one of the highways that circumvent Madrid.
    Clockwise you’ll find:

    • A1 to Burgos (North).
    • A2 to Barcelona and Barajas Airport (East).
    • A3 to Valencia (South-East).
    • A4 to Córdoba (South).
    • A42 to Toledo (South-West).
    • A5 to Badajoz (West) Madrigal de la Vera.
    • A6 to La Coruña (North-West).
  • Take the A4 to Córdoba.
  • Take the M40 to A42 – Toledo.
  • Take the A5 to Badajoz (if there is much traffic, take the la R5 to Badajoz).
  • Take ‘Salida 148’, km 148, to Madrigal de la Vera.
  • * M30 towards Burgos
    • The M30 describes a circle around Madrid.
    • Keep on the M30 until the A5 to Badajoz.

From Cáceres

  • Take the A5 to Madrid.
  • Take ‘Salida 148’, km 148, to Madrigal de la Vera.

Arrival at Madrigal de la Vera

GPS: Latitude 40.147963, Longitude -5.369563

  • Follow the highway until the T-Crossroads.
  • Turn left to Villanueva de la Vera.
  • Past the Townhall square, turn right at the Fountain (see photo).
Dirección Norte

Follow the ‘Norte’ indicator

  • Follow the ‘Calle de los Naranjos’ street to the left, upwards.
  • At the T-Crossroads, keep left and upwards. ‘Calle General Queipo de Llanos’ street.
  • At the home hardware store (at the Fountain ‘Fuente de los Seis Caños’), turn right.
  • ‘Calle Fuente Vieja s/n’. Rural Apartments ‘La Casa del Holandés’.

Public transportation

Autobuses Samar

Autobuses Mirat

Train (Renfe) to Oropesa de Toledo, from there on by cab.

Taxi – Sagrario González (Villanueva de la Vera), Tel: ++34 606.946.104

Taxi – Antonio Amor Cepeda (Oropesa de Toledo), Tel: ++34 925.430.304

Taxi – Herminio González de la Cal (El Puente del Arzobispo), Tel: ++34 600.491.898