The Water - La Casa del Holandés - Extremadura

The Water

The snow that falls from November until May gives fresh water to an extensive network of fast flowing gorges. These descent down the south side of the Gredos massif into the Tietar river, modeling the granite rock, creating a landscape with numerous valleys and some small waterfalls until the waters come to rest in splendid backwaters.

Thanks to the water, this is a land of plenty whose prime crops are tobacco and peppers. The peppers are transformed into a renowned paprika powder called ‘Pimentón’ which has an exquisite taste and is protected by its regulatory body ‘DO – Pimentón de la Vera’. Thanks to its geographical situation, La Vera has a mild climate, protected to the north by the Gredos mountain from the wind, it has a micro-climate whose fertile lowlands support a great diversity of fruit trees and rich vegetable gardens. The area also produces marvelous livestock. The goat cheeses are worth a special mention. It’s a popular tourist area throughout the year.