Environment - La Casa del Holandés - Extremadura


ENVIRONMENT: Forty-seven gorges, hundreds of natural swimming pools, atlantic climate, one hundred fifty birds species…

Limited to the north by the Gredos massif, whose melt waters form forty-seven gorges with hundreds of natural swimming pools, and to the south by the Tietar lowlands, the Vera shire enjoys a climate that’s more Atlantic than Mediterranean. The temperatures are moderated by the mountains that protect it from the winter winds and give refreshing breezes in summer.

La Vera has a micro-climate with warm summers and mild, rainy, winters. Between the mountaintops at over 2.000m and the Tietar lowlands at 400m, exists an abundant ecosystem. Proof of this are over one hundred fifty bird species that can be observed. Amongst others: Black Stork, Black-shouldered Kite, Purple Heron, Golden Oriole and Crane.